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The road of the study of a French interpreter
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I saw a friend in Paris, french is mad good, reading DESS, translate when the exercitation in the company of country of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household (the TEF before wanting to know her 3 years took an examination of 90 minutes only, asked study the method to her, useful to everybody perhaps ……

Primary piece.

She and the language class that do in an intermediary like a lot of people learn, often escape the class was not acquired 500 hours 200, in the study of 3 months, she and someone else are same bubble, but come home to be being forced by family however in the evening everyday learn 1 2 hour, when learning phonetics read 26 letters and 1 hour of phonetic symbol madly (follow tape to read, and to the teacher after establish is clear) .

She did not learn what grammar and verb to change, she learns two books at that time (do not have border newly, teaching material of university French brachylogy) , because every time teacher finish one class to want dictate text, copy a text madly then (20) , can write from memory come out, read in what home parents asks to keep, cannot stop, (remember, every text is copied 20 times, read 1 hour everyday and record come down, connect a task, also the book is read, speak especially, but do not keep a Chinese character on the book, oneself listen to read when resting (her pa Mom decides) , the word does not know not to consult a dictionary, (consulting a dictionary is the enemy with the oldest abecedarian) .

Do not spend time on grammar, grammar is the thing that language master plays on literary journal, (the exception that learns literature) , should do only decide straight Chen Shi, (with Venir De, etre En Train De, aller De is done calm) . Important is language feeling. Must Plus Parler, plus Repeter. (have one unexpected tricky move. We learn the 100 French of the day in home, one day carries 3 sentences on the back (correct) carry on the back like carrying tongue twister on the back, 1 commonly used, 1 read the hardest, 1 the longest. Search in the textbook that day, with the biggest voice, the rapiddest rate, read above 50 times! After 100 days, you come France, if you discover you can say compatriots listens to 300 fast Delianfa to come nevertheless. That will be you the biggest confidence. Boast having a place oh)

Abecedarian is in please in getting study normally, crowded go out 1 hour to try!

Intermediate piece.

Just arrived France that paragraph of time, you are certain feeling of all the different kind is neat go up mind, do not have a few people to want to learn, at this moment you can take you to learn so that teaching material begins go back to school before, that is you are familiar with get a thing, rehear record before you pronunciation. You will be happy, you can laugh at yourself to be read so that have many interesting, you must believe French is not great scourges, she is very beautiful, she is in your heart (get a friend to be able to try conditionally, MD is cheap now, must begin to record from first time, the first love that is you and her then)
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