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Home of well-known poet, interpreter wears legend life of Wang Shu
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On November 5, 2005, it is birthday of Dai Wangshu of famous and contemporary poet 100 anniversary day. This provides legend colorific poet quite, weakness and adamancy develop simultaneously, lucky as concomitant as misfortune: Sympathize with thoughts of “ left-wing ” , writing can to call “ stunner the contemporary poetry of ” however; Ever was arrested because of journal of chief editor progress put in prison, escape for wife daughter Hong Kong, flounder at inland, still get however the blow of matrimony. As a poet, his poetry by person be widely read, fame it may be said is big, of the person that its poetics value gets posterity poetry is composed rarely however approbate. He and the coetaneous beautiful jade that impetuous, Mu Dan have why to differ, that generation poet has had what effect in the development of Chinese free verse written in a vernacular, why we want again and again turn one's head, be attracted deeply by them?
On November 5, 1905, a baby that needing inherently is a poet is born in Zhejiang Hangzhou county family of a middle class. The ” of “ melancholy poet that he becomes later namely wears Wang Shu. Father Dai Licheng is the average employee of the railway station formerly, employee of successor Bank of China. Yu Shuxiang of one's previous experience of maternal Zhuo Peizhi families status, can tell about into this locality " Shui Hu " " on the west travel notes " wait for classic famous work, dai Wangshu was sent in the bud in these stories be opposite at first literary interest. Now year, be apart from him to die also already 55 years. A snap of the fingers between one brandish, be like,the poet's complex lifetime becomes short shooting star, the dense fog of countless for generations is lapping he, concealed making a person sees his confused, tired out, however canvass a few important matters of his lifetime, can feel the … of boiling hot heart that beats ardently to that again…

" pluvial alley " make he becomes famous overnight

1923 autumn, dai Wangshu of 18 years old takes an examination of Shanghai university. After two years, the shake dawn college that enters French church to do in Shanghai is special class study French. What French Catholic father teachs is the classic work of the romantic clique such as pluvial fruit, Lamading, Miao Sai, but wear those who hope Shu Yougeng is intense to chase after new trend, the work of the later period indicative clique such as wheat of Guo Ermeng of be fond of, Ye. He becomes that times to follow Chinese classic Shi Yi later one of contemporary poets that newest Shi Yi combines the west best, with this paragraph of his study experience has very big concern. His earliest interpret poem reads in shake dawn namely during, pluvial fruit " conscience " interpret becomes Chinese. The journal that Dai Wangshu establishs in Shi Zhecun, Du Heng later " Ying Luo " go up, published prose poem " coagulate the tear goes out " , " the nocturnal song of outcast " etc, translate poetry " the day grows on tile " , " teardrop waves fall encompass innermosts being " . The logical sequence of Er of author the Kingdom of Wei of these two poems, it is one of chief commander with symbolistic France. Dai Wangshu comes with the form of civilian ditty interpret, but expression is small like Song Ci your, those who use is classical Chinese article.
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