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Old diplomat talks about the path that English makes a speech
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Duan Jin brief introduction:

Mr Duanjin was graduated from institute of Beijing foreign language 1953, be opened toward Korea by the clique delegacy of negotiation of armistice of people who volunteer to fight in another country of city China people holds the post of an interpreter, belong to generation English interpreter of new China. If Ceng Wei Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian, Guo Mei waits for old generation country the interpreter is become when leader interviews foreign guest, hold the position of China to be stationed in counsellor of Canadian embassy news, China to be stationed in news of consul general of Wen Ge China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to manage the vice director holds spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China concurrently to be stationed in diplomacy of people of Australian Sydney consul general, China to learn vice-chairman early or late.

In agelong diplomatic job, mr Duanjin accumulated experience of rich English oral interpretation, written translation, be good at making a speech with English, have " how to make wonderful presentation with English " one book (world knowledge press publishs) .

The overall understanding that Duan Jin makes a speech to English:

Speech art: Square difference of Chinese and Western is apparent

Our social politics state of affairs and abroad are not quite same. American begins this to be about to enter into an election contest from elementary school, enter into an election contest that, for instance chairman of club manager, student union, enter into an election contest with politics about the same, so their lecture develops, groom in lecture the respect also is begun weller. In western country, especially English country takes a speech seriously more. China is in this respect lag a bit, but the ethos of lecture begins now flourishing, this is joyance making a person very. As us external of classics trade, foreign relations extend, the situation that learns English to tell English is more satisfactory. I undertook English lecture lecture technically with a batch of high school students last year, they cherish very large interest to listen to me to tell. Once also asked me to had been told how to undertake communication to the foreigner via trade university external. Recently the undergraduate lecture match of China north area, I went becoming a judge.

Than what there is is English makes a speech and Chinese speech photograph distinguished?

Duan Jin: Actually same, the key depends on knowing speech boy or girl friend, reduce redundancy.

Chinese speech and English speech are same actually, the key is the boy or girl friend that sees you make a speech. No matter be,make a speech with English, above all you should want to have a very good knowledge to your audience. In foreign lecture, lecture exceeds half hour, you are about to considered this time to be gotten on for, do not exceed 50 minutes absolutely. And should the time of above of put apart half lets audience raise a question. Differ somewhat in Chinese circumstance, because of the habit in the past, some moment often invite square requirement I say 3 hours. Actually the Chinese also is willing to hear short word now, do not have the conventional phrases view of what information content especially,
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