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Feng Yi of famous interpreter home is acting
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According to report of Xinhua News Agency Feng Yi of famous interpreter home, writer takes the place of due to illness cure is invalid, died in Beijing 23 days afternoon 2005, die at the age of is 92 years old.

Era advocates Feng Yi to upright with open manner interpret literature of contemporary foreign country, study in the review of American literature the respect had indefatigable effort. Its are representative interpret writes Ming Wei having the of great capacity " the 5th column " wait for nearly 20 books, have " Xi Shushi bright and beautiful " wait for much department work.

The Party Central Committee of Ren Guomin of Yi Daiceng of the Feng when war of resistance against aggression is fiducial bureau Chongqing pressworks the assistant factory director of the factory, in order to aid financially ascensive culture personage celebrated, secretary-general of bureau of news of international of the Ceng Ren after liberating holds concurrently publish department section chief, held the post of foreign language press to publish department head 1952, english " Chinese literature " editorial office director. 1979 " read " magazine start publication, feng Yi takes the place of to hold the post of subeditor for this magazine initiator on invitation, in " read " on published a large number of articles.

After Feng Yi takes the place of to die in madam Zheng Anna, with well-known actress Huang Zongying knot is a married couple.

Graph: Feng Yi takes the place of to be with Huang Zongying's couple in the home.

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