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Write down interpreter home Mr Mei Shaowu
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A lot of readers know Mr Mei Shaowu, because he is the 2 childe of Mei Lanfang of Great Master of Beijing opera art,be, it is to pass what he writes to include Mei Lanfang biography inside the introduction, book that researchs Mei Lanfang, the influence of this respect makes a lot of person oversight the reputation that he regards an interpreter with outstanding achievement as the home. For instance, 1994, the novel that Mei Shaowu, Tuzhen's couple is them to add up to interpret in Nanjing on invitation " return howl mountain villa " (· of Emily of writer of 19 centuries England bright exceptional classic famous work " howl mountain villa " continuation) sign, in the time that does not arrive two hours, queue up to await the in an endless stream of men and women of autograph. The pen on their hand did not stop the ground to keep his name more than 200 times momently. Nevertheless, among them a lot of readers are to hold a 2 son of a feudal prince or high official that visit Mei Lanfang face to face in the arms to grow what kind ofly (resemble unlike with Mei Lanfang) the purpose comes.

The name of the interpreter of plum gentleman confine is in literary small circle of people and did not enter masses level only, have historical reason already, also have the reason that his individual on literary interpreter chooses. He chooses the interpreter's work, think to there is the writer's master in foreign the literary world for him likely, also be domestic learning likely at the same time, publish and of show domain supply a gap make. The effect that his interpreter produces to place of contemporary China the literary world is graven.

After plum gentleman university graduates, have one's bosom filled with is enthusiastic on literary interpreter itch to try, but in those days press threshold is very high (unlike now, the person that copy Buddhism passes ABC can be translated) , let him impossibly this young nobody interpret famous book. He looks for an unexpected winner to be breach, turn from French at first interpret Albania and African literature, turn from English interpret the literary work of the Eastern European country, just have famous book of literature of opportunity interpret United States since 1978. The heat of retranslate of foreign literature famous book that plum gentleman begins to acting 1980 end is halfhearted. He thinks, language formal name used at school makes the outstanding and classic, contemporary foreign country that interpret interpose more has not introduce to come to home, it is more significant issue. This kind of his choice, make he lost the literature that becomes Fu child to all know likely to translate domestic opportunity.

Plum gentleman emphasizes, the interpreter of foreign literature and research must be united in wedlock rise undertake. Study writer of a foreign country, translate its work personally only, ability comprehends its style and feature truly; Translate work of a literature, know research systematically only after its author and work, interpret tastes ability to be able to succeed.
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