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The inheritance of thing of teach thunder interpret
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In the memory of Chinese knowledge cultural circles, fu Lei has the capacity that makes a person revere threefold: He contrived roll cloth slip-case for a book the 20 interpret collected works of numerous grand, the interpreter that is be worthy of the name greats master; He draws up with the father love book of tall state " teach thunder a letter from home " , it is the successful example that artistic character family education implements on the history; He upheld character dignity of the intellectual with his life, it is the person that a brave be buried alive with the dead, and he most the core, most fundamental value still depends on he is rich and generous and outstanding interpreter outstanding achievement.

Near 20 years ago, I ever had said in TV program, fu Lei is 9 centuries also appear inaccessibly the sort of 9 big interpreter home, today, be in the China of 21 centuries, according to a period the state with bearer article spirit, humanitarian culture and trend, my individual thinks, be impossible already completely to produce a Fu Lei's so extreme interpreter Great Master again in 9 centuries less than, perhaps be in the stage of a history with quite long future, the interpreter outstanding achievement that Fu Lei contrives will resemble Mi Luo's Venus becoming the highest grade of impassable in that way.

Today, talk about Fu Lei, the interpret job success that talks about him namely is coagulated showing interpreter experience, the interpreter correct path of place enlightenment, interpreter thoroughfares.

Interpret thing of Fu Lei makes the rich that depends on his outstanding achievement above all. China is an interpreter big country, those who be engaged in literary interpreter is very numerous, enough Cheng Jun, the career is successful person also be absent a few, the person that I dare not say to like him so 6689 transliterate taste outstanding achievement only he one person, but the person that be the same as class with the quantity such as his truly very infrequent, he is so big the persistence that place of amount of labor shows and laborious, namely the title that enough wins great master. Particularly notable is he chooses interpret writer work all very precise and appropriate, be by no means aleatoric capture comes over with respect to interpret, also stem from politics or economic utility by no means drive, stem from the demand of vogue of low administrative levels or gout, single out take to heart of real interpret of literary high-quality goods to give compatriots with the thought standard of high grade and artistic measure however, be like Luo Lan of pair of Luo Man · , he chose humanitarian spirit to hold high " Si Duo of benefit of gram of · agreement writing's husband " and abandoned sink left and homiletic " happy soul " , it is clear proof. Be like again, he plunges into a gram to Ba Er, although he did not go,interpret is considered as what have plutonomy sense most " farmer " , but the key that the work that this writer combines best to those social history authenticity and artistic quality is his interpret interpose. Accordingly, fu Lei makes an interpret home of the power of value differentiate and analyse that has literary historian most and artistic percipient, become the successor with a true sterling grade in outstanding culture bequest and peddler, the period that this uses in opposite wave is very commendable below the condition.
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