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Comrade Ru Long leaves us and go already half an year became much, before but still feel in my memory,he sits in desk as usual, smoking cigarette, translating Qihefu's novel. His lifetime is conscientious, immerse oneself in day and night hardworking, do not seek fame not to plan to make money. Begin to study creative work from 1937, the interpreter that Russian progress literature devotes oneself to after works, until die, never discontinuous, in all interpret gives manuscript of nearly 10 million transliterate, made contribution to introducing Russia literature. He encounters what difficulty no matter, insist to work go down, this is him the ideal that should do bit of good work for the motherland, humanness civilian is supporting him. What he works to literary interpreter is clinging and serious, make firm demand of the person to oneself and relative, still hover is in my mind. He today ground of unknown to public went, I commemorate the struggling process of his lifetime with this article only.
One, from be born to war of resistance against aggression: Suffer new literature effect
(19l 6 one 1937)
Ru Long was born at Suzhou 1916, because be son's eldest son, get grandmother doting. His father allocates Beijing after Shanghai reachs old finish school (north makes make the same score before liberating) Ping Suitie railway administration works, he comes to Beijing together along with mother and elder sister when 6 years old. His father cannot bear the sight of him as a child mischievous and coddle since childhood, capricious, severe impose surelysubject sb to discipline, force he learns maths, every Sunday must make exercise of the four fundamental operations of arithmetic be like artery, hope he is brought up to also become an engineer, receive father's class. But although his maths learns very well, do not like however, he likes to read classic novel, be like " apotheosis a list of names posted up " (now incognito " apotheosis historical novel " ) etc, look enchantedly, suffer the effect of these books, say brother personal loyalty, for the friend slotting tool of two costal region. When the middle school on him, see the new literature magazine that his elder sister brings back from the school accidentally, give strong interest to new language student from now on, he bought many new novels with pocket money, eagerly ground is read rise.
Because bilateral parent is a good friend,be acquainted with Ru Long is, we are known when 7 years old, green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, it is friendly very. My home comes to his haunt play, see other child bullies me, he is protecting me. His father moves bureau of Great Harmony railroad to work later, family change is gone to Great Harmony, leave him in Beijing to go to school only. Because he suffers severe father certainly so, loosen at a draught now, be like running wild. He loves to see a movie, hear Beijing opera, there is a Fu Liancheng theatrical company in those days, it is completely 10 come year old the student acts in a play, be in afternoon everyday wide with the building (now incognito for wide with the theater) show, he is truant go go to the opera, suffer school discharge. He thinks he is a bad child, I am sorry parents, thought very press press ors, consciousness is domestic malefactor. Contacted new literature fortunately, on the thought somewhat awareness. To him the impact is the biggest is Lu Xun, cling to the essay of the writer such as gold and novel, make his awareness arrives the person is living cannot consider idle away in seeking pleasure only, and should “ devotes for the mankind ” , should make contribution to people to the motherland, because literature saved him, he holds calm tenet in the arms to pursue literary job, will realize his ideal with this. Then his identity with the reader, to cling to gold writes a letter, recount his affliction in the home, want to leave home go pursueing literary job. Cling to golden letter in reply says, rely on to write a novel to do not have a law only keep the pot boiling, and citing says, some youths are rushed run away from home, return the home again by force of bread later in, be content with old life, want to consider life issue cautiously so. In the in us lifetime since thenceforth cling to the adviser that gold is us from beginning to end and bosom friend, he is our always address sb respectfully Mr Li, issue the life and interpreter in his guidance all the time, in each the moment of truth it is he guided us to be on the right way.
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