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Open interpreter home figure -- Shi Xianrong close-up
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Shi Xianrong, pseudonym square wood, shi Yingqian, native place Zhejiang saves Yin county person, was born in huckster family on April 11, 1927, father of funeral of from a child, family circumstances poor. 1946, the emperor that he is graduated from Shanghai popery fragrant aid institute (make a middle school 8 years, be equivalent to two years making an institute graduate) . 1947, read at Shanghai temporarily university farming art department. Of the same age, the foreign affair of national politics university that studies Nanjing again is. After was being liberated 1949, he takes an examination of department of Tsinghua university foreign language again, because English foundation is good, avoid built a few course, thereby, he is active take as an elective course the course of Department of Chinese Language and Literature that Li Antian of well-known at that time writer holds the post of to fasten a director, the level also had his Chinese to rise quickly. Be in Tsinghua university when one grade, the reportage of a 6 dry words ever was written with English after he attends Beijing outskirt land reform along with classmates, publish the English weekly publication at that time with prominent place " strap a family name closely to comment on a newspaper " on. In the meantime, he begins foreign literature interpreter, was in in October 1950 " bright daily " publish an interpret to make a short story " the happiest person " , collect be receivinged is in 1952 textbook of Chinese of junior high school the 4th in. After, interpret makes his other be published in in succession " people literature " , " bright daily " , " translation " wait for the press to go up. These interpret are made be collected collect of two short stories " circus wagon arrived on the town " (1951) , " the victory of life " (1952) , in Shanghai culture working press is published. Of the same age, the novel that he and foliaceous dimension Mr Zhi add up to interpret " Sibadakesai " also published. Adjusted as a result of the school 1952, turn into Beijing University study, during this, he ever was done to conference of peace of area of Asian Pacific Ocean by temporarily transfer oral interpretation job arranges half an year. Was graduated from Beijing University 1953 on the west phylum English is professional, graduation hind allocates room of editor of literature of foreign country of people literature press, the go over a manuscript or drafting that responsible Yingmeiwen learns, final version and editor work.

Shi Xianrong holds the position of 28 years of editors in people literature press, the respectful 1956 gets in motion instead injustice, be kept apart to examine 5 many months. 1957 in opposing right accuse and denounce at a meeting, be to have thought of “ Right deviation and ” of opinion on public affairs by decided at the higher level but not officially announced again, fall one level pay. Although got these unfair treatment, but, he works assiduously still, chair an editor to publish " Shakespeare complete works " , " Ha Daixuan collect " , " Sigete anthology " , " Sa Kelei anthology " wait for famous book of many foreign country. Especially " Shakespeare complete works " , he makes oversensitive blood for this pour into. He organized the interpreter work team that have a strong lineup inside brief period, finish basically before 1964 eventually publish " Sha Tubiya complete works " preparation works, but as a result of domestic politics phasic happening changes, this book fails to publish temporarily. 1978, he offers to the leader for many times " Sha Tubiya complete works " publication ability mentioned program to go up, by his compose the preface of more than 10000 words. " Shakespeare complete works " after publishing, in produced very big effect domestic and internationally. July 1979, shi Xianrong publishs delegacy to make friendly visit to England along with China, present British cultural circles the one translation in covering " Sha Tubiya complete works " , get great take seriously. 0 years 198, apply salty Rong Yingbei Beijing press invite, wrote a treatise " Sha Tubiya and his Thespian " , the life that introduced Shakespeare and times, his wait with artistic trait dramatically. This book got the welcome of readers, ever was in a few universities when literature of tuitional foreign country as one of key reference book.
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