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Yan Fusheng is smooth
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Yan Fu (home of latter-day ideologist of 1853 ~ 1921) , writer, interpreter. The name is passed first first; Incognito Zong Guang, word hill; Hind incognito answer, word a few; Old age date heals rude old person, alias honour doubt, arrange weather plays philosopher. Fujian Hou official (today the Fuzhou City) person.

Life Yan Fu 14 years old of father are dead, taking an examination of navy of Fuzhou dockyard have as an attached institution to beg with the first is hall art bureau namely boat politics school, study sailing and close algebra, manage, change wait for scientific knowledge. 19 years old with the classiest graduation, the clique is gone to establish practice of power practice boat, changed the Wu Jian that send raise second year. Guang Xusan year (1877) is studied abroad toward England by the clique, university of navy of Ci of the Lin Ni that join division. His interest already changed research to western politics system and academic thinking at that time, often be stationed in British ambassador Guo Songdao to discuss the similarities and differences of learning of Chinese and Western and political system together. Smooth mood graduates 5 years go back to the motherland, hold the post of Fuzhou boat politics school teachs practice. Second year, li Hongzhang of governor of straight be subordinate to establishs in Tianjin school of division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, move him to allow to always teach practice, smooth mood 16 years, rise to always do.

Yan Fu arrives on one year of school of division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning (1879) , japanese political reform pursues strong, ball of Liu of annex China dependency. He sees the politics of quiet day is corrupt, often say to the person: “ not 30 years, vassal state and use up ” (king hurriedly constant " severe a few a chronicle of sb's life " ) . Smooth mood 20 years (after 1894) Sino-Japanese the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, yan Fu suffers the stimulation of the current political situation of Chinese in peril, in Tianjin " straight newspaper " on publish " the earnestly that changes by the world " , " former strong " , " save the nation from extinction is talked definitely " , " monarch Han " , publicize “ strongly honour civilian betray gentleman, honour today betray ancient ” (Cai Yuanpei " the philosophy that comes to China 50 years " ) academic, become one of important egghead that reform moves. This period, he is joined directly beforehand reform moves. Divide outside publishing political comment, smooth mood 22 years (1896) , aid of help Zhang Yuan establishs in Beijing art school, advocate Western learning, develop reform person with ability. Second year, wait to establish in Tianjin with Wang Xiuzhi, Xia Cengyou " the country hears a newspaper " and " the country hears collection " , know the feeling of China and foreign countries, improve the compatriots knowledge to West, with benefit at pursueing political reform reform. Smooth mood 24 years, wang Xibo recommends current affairs of Yan Fu understand, guang Xudi is in “ the call in in ” of 100 days of reform, ask him the opinion to reform, want him " on emperor book of 10 thousand character " copy show. Before long coup happening, connect art hall of university of division of Beijing of school add up, " the country hears a newspaper " be sealed, his " book of 10 thousand character " write no less than going to, still allow to always do in water division school.
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