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Yan Fusheng is smooth
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1896 Yan Fu " the weather plays theory " coup of interpret draft Cong Wuqu arrives Xin Hai revolution, yan Fu's life is astatic. Smooth mood 26 years (1900) , justice uprise with the group, yan Fu avoids hurriedly Shanghai, break away from water division school from now on. 28 years, allow to compile to Beijing bureau always do. 31 years, in Shanghai help Ma Xiangbai establishs answer dawn is fair learn. 34 years, hold the post of authorized term house to always be compiled to Beijing. In these 13 years, his main job is an interpreter, interpret plan has Hexuli " the weather plays theory " (Si Mi of · of 1896 ~ 1898) , Adam " plain rich " (1901) , Spencer " group character learning study " (1903) , John · solemn.

After revolution of laborious the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, arrive from 1912 1916, namely Yuan Shikai holds the post of generalissimo to arrive 5 years usurp state power is gone in, yan Fu holds the post of the assemblyman of conference of counsel of diplomacy of government office of president of hall of Beijing division university, president, provisional constitution, member that participate in government and political affairs early or late in Yuan Shikai at hand. 1915, yuan Shikai prepares to weigh the Supreme Being, poplar of incite sb to do sth spends constituent preparing how to be met, yan Fu is absorbed to be one of initiator, nevertheless he did not replace Yuan Chendi to advertise. Old age basically relies on the royalty of interpret book to make a living. Liang Qichao of political philosophy thought says: “ West student studying abroad and native mind extent produce partaker, yan Fu its head also. ”(" generality of quiet acting science " ) the egghead that Yan Fu is reform with British student studying abroad to move, with bourgeois classic theory makes a weapon, it is the place that he surpasses other reform canvasser. He publishs before reform of Qu of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem " save the nation from extinction is talked definitely " in advocate case of “ Western learning to send ” , encourage science namely, think to save the nation from extinction, cheng Zhuzhi learns “ not to have solid ” , “ apprentice much bogus ”; Liu Wangzhi learns ” of for private use of “ division heart; Useless ” of “ of other textual research, poetry and prose. Be in " monarch Han " in violent attack autocratic monarchy, think “ comes from the Qin Dynasty, ” of the person that it is Chinese gentleman, all “ most can ” of the person that bully is seized, “ is alleged ” of the person that steal a country greatly. Be the same as in Tan Si " benevolence learn " publish previously, this is the extremely violent charge that makes to autocratic monarchy place. Yan Fu still is made with logic of Chinese and Western quite, effectively comes with capitalist thought assail is feudal thought, publicize the view of political reform save the nation from extinction. The person that he points out “ is medium is very ancient and ignore today, hesperian force today in order to get the better of ancient; Medium person with studying the one chaos, one nature that Cheng Yicui is day pedestrian thing, the person on the west is entered with day without border, fill already cannot answer decline, treat already cannot answer chaos is academic Jiaohua extremely criterion (" the earnestly that changes by the world " ) , get the better of since time immemorial to had objected today forcibly ancient ignore today, will object be being talked circularly with Darwinism. Point out “ China is the heaviest again 3 key link, and on the west the ” such as person Shou Mingping, “ China honour advocate, and on the west ” of person Long Min (ibid) , “ those is body with freedom, use ” with be democratically (" former strong " ) , want to replace feudal thought and Caesarism with free equality.
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