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The open Dong Leshan that translates family thing manual
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Dong Leshan was born in Zhejiang peaceful wave on November 14, 1924, died of illness at Beijing on January 16, 1999. Dong Leshan was graduated from university of Shanghai testament writing 1946, after the whole nation is liberated ever pursued news interpreter and English teaching job for a long time. Moved institute of United States of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 1981, hold the position of a researcher. Ever held the post of United States of graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to fasten a director, international pen is met Chinese center member, thing of Chinese interpret assistant manager, american literature seminar is standing the duty such as director, it is an American society that has attainment quite and literary research expert, writer and interpreter home. Composing has " interpret beyond abandons Chinese ink " , " of culture recreational " , " of culture read by accident " , " brim person language " etc; Is interpret made have " is westing overflowed write down " , " the rise and fall of the 3rd empire " (add up to interpret with the person and recension) , " the adjudgement of Socrates " , " western humanism tradition " , " Aoweier collected works " , " Han Suyin? " wait; Compile have " dictionary of knowledge of society of English-Chinese United States " etc. Of his interpreter " westing is overflowed write down " it is Si Nuo translate best in translation of this Chinese of classical sex composing about Chinese revolution, circulate a the widest, interpret composition pen is fluent dainty, reach very high level. He is the interpreter home that a rare letter amounts to elegant all beautiful, what compile " dictionary of knowledge of society of English-Chinese United States " develop a new style or a new method of one's own, the reader that is society of United States of attempt to understanding and culture and investigator an indispensable reference book.
Unforgettable all the time and final the circumstance that sees Mr Dong Leshan. That is 1998 end he dies the other day, I arrive assist go seeing him with the hospital, his niece comes from Shanghai on a special trip, taking care of him aside. This is him a year inside again be in hospital. Differ greatly with circumstance of before a few be in hospital, this he can lie on sickbed to holding my hand only. The hand is faint, the person is poor unlike appearance, look hair is dark.
He has a lot of words to want to say. I tell him, I am translating him to be recommended to me " walk into Chinese revolution " this book of the destiny that is in China about American reporter, and acquired connection with the author. He is very glad. I say, the title of the place name of a little old Shanghai and English newspaper is not clear, he says to be able to ask him. How can you take such thing to disturb he in serious defect? He says to never mind. I say a few things outside to him. Telling, telling, he handholds suddenly again my hand, said: I did not think of “ to go after ……” so what he is saying to become cold by heat is perplexed with disappointment, he generalizes his lifetime in do one's best with a few concise words. Here, his gangmaster turns to across. He wept.
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