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Cao Jing Hua (1897. 8. 11-1987.9.8)

Original name Cao Lianya. Henan Lu person. Was in 1919 unseal Henan provincial when attend school of the 2nd middle school, devote into at May 4th movement of 1919. Company study Russian learned in Shanghai foreign language 1920, join socialistic youth group, be sent to go to Muscovite Oriental university to learn. The end of the year went back to the motherland 1921, in Beijing University audit, be engaged in literature translating the job. Added literary seminar 1924. In April 1927, go to Russia again, be in institute of language of east of Muscovite Oriental university, Leningrad to teach early or late. Went back to the motherland in October 1933, make the same score the school such as university of institute of woman unity and coherence in writing, China, northeast university to hold the post of a professor in north early or late. Went 1939 Chongqing, the Su Wen in allowing converts guild standing director, chief editor " Russia literature a series of books " . Applied for university of the Ping Qinghua that go to north to teach 1948.

Found a state professor of successor Beijing University, Russian is a director, deputy editor in chief of people literature press holds director of foreign literature editorial office concurrently. Added person Chinese Communist 1956. Ever held the post of committee member of Chinese article couplet, secretary of Chinese writer association is in secretary, adviser, chairman of reputation of seminar of Chinese Russia literature, china translates worker association adviser. Obtained doctor's degree of honor of Russia Leningrad university in May 1987; In August, highest Soviet presidium awards Russia medal of friendship of each country people, with commending he learns the contribution of cooperative respect in the Suwen in strengthening.

Began the literary work of interpreter introduction Russia and Russia 1923, the one-acter that what translate the earliest is agree river husband " blockhead " . Did after this translate Alan fort, Waxiliefusikaya, Gorky, cost to decide in succession, Kadayefu, Lieangnuofu? Suddenly husband of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Tuoersitai, desolate waits for the person's work. Celebrated prosaic collection has " flower " etc.

Composing booklist:

" flower " (prosaic collect) 1962, writer

" Chun Chengfei is spent " (prosaic collect) 1973, shaanxi people

" flying collect " (prosaic collect) 1978, shanghai is literary

" essay of Cao Jing China is chosen " 1983, shaanxi people

" lyric essay chooses Cao Jing China " 1988, writer

" look at Na Laiyan " (prosaic collect) 1988, the Yellow River is literary

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