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Complete works of novel of Mo Bo mulberry -- translator plum Qing Ya
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Li Qing cliff is a of 20 centuries our country remarkable writer, be familiar with French literature, ever in order to translate France the book of mulberry of famous fictionist Mo Bo is famous. He ever taught in the university for years before one's death, had developed person with ability of numerous liberal art. He is in died sadly in Shanghai during ” of “ Culture Revolution 1969, but his extraordinary success is yearned for for broad reader place up to now. He was born at Hunan Hunan shade 1886, last year is his birthday 120 years.

It is early at the beginning of 20 centuries, li Qing cliff leaves Europe with at public expense, major in the Belgian university that list day science department, because of be opposite French literature feels after interest, head for Paris, study French literature, hunt experience is quite extensive, to French writer big Zhong Ma, zun La, falangshi, the novel that blessing building does obeisance to likes very, dote on the novel of Mo Bo mulberry especially. Mo Bo mulberry is France 19 centuries are realistic writer, the French with ordinary depict of his work put forth effort nots hesitate the ethical integrity that sacrifice defends after all, advocate patriotism. Li Qing cliff thinks the work of mulberry of translate freely Mo Bo, suit in those days the need of the our country in domestic trouble and foreign invasion, can encourage wide readership to rise save oneself. After accordingly he returns a country, insist to translate work of Mo Bo mulberry, as oneself lifework.

Thought of advocate west progress

Li Qing cliff returns from France, ever held the position of Changsha Hunan Province to establish teacher of the first normal school for a time, with aid of famous pedagogic poplar prosperous, li Jinxi, xu Te stands etc work together, comprise be good at society together, thought of advocate west progress. He still sympathizes with meantime Cai Hesen of student of this school progress, mao Zedong, the group of research of place team philosophy such as Xiao Yu, the activity inside the ” of garden of gardens “ taro that makes their ancestor house in oneself famous.
In those days ” of “ taro garden is in of Li Qing cliff chair below, still be new civilian the class of provision remaining a way that the society sponsors establishs a classroom, plum oneself hold the position of French teacher. Of attend a lecture have Cai Hesen, cai Chang, to alarm grant, the person such as Li Fuchun, xu Te stands to ever also participated in study. Young Li Qing cliff became these communistic motion pioneer for a time enthusiastic patron.
30 time metaphase, li Qing cliff begins to hold the position of literature to teach eventually, teach in Shanghai Fudan University, begin to publish the translation of composing of Mo Bo mulberry, cause the attention of domestic literature bound. But, began the War of Resistance Against Japan on July 7, 1937, shanghai became battleground on August 13, fudan University is located in Jiang Wan, the abode of Li Qing cliff is destroyed at enemy plane bomb, li Benren and flee from a calamity of anxiety of wife daughter storehouse, family property is all loss, 3 people grab the French original that gave Li Zuiai merely " complete works of Mo Bo mulberry " .
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