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Translator Liang Shiqiu
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Brief introduction: Liang Shiqiu, ancestral home Zhejiang Hangzhou county (today Hangzhou city) , smooth mood at the beginning of 28 years of the twelfth month of the lunar year 8 (on January 6, 1903) be born at Beijing. Formal name Liang Zhihua, the word is solid autumn, for a time with Qiu Lang, child beautiful is pseudonym.

1915 autumn take an examination of Tsinghua university. In this school advanced division is begged writing begins between semester. Novel of the first interpreter " of druggist wife " published at in September 1920 " Tsinghua weekly " supplement the 6th period. The first prose poem " bank of cistern of carry on one's shoulder " publish at on May 28, 1921 " morning paper " the 7th edition. Graduation after went to the United States to study abroad 1923, went back to the motherland 1926 teach at Nanjing southeast university. Edit the 2nd year to Shanghai " current affairs signs up for newly " supplement " Qing Guang " , at the same time with Zhang Yu 9 close make up " bitter tea " magazine. Before long the university teachs Ren Jina.

Original he advocates romanticism, publish many poems to make. Influence of heart of white wall of the person that new humanism suffers when academy of university of American haing Buddha learns is more profound. His representative paper " the romantic trend of contemporary China literature " was in 1926 " morning paper deputy engrave " publish, think Chinese new literature is put in romanticism disorder tendency, advocate reasonable sex is how-to fall to set out to learn to create into style or manner of writing from general human nature. 1930, yang Zhensheng invites him to hold the post of foreign language to fasten a director to hold books curator concurrently to Qingdao university. Made up to Tianjin 1932 " beneficial world signs up for " print " literary weekly " . Applied for a Beijing University to study the professor holds foreign language concurrently to fasten a director 1934. 1935 autumn establish " free comment " , first after chief editor passes " world daily " supplement " learn civil " and " north makes the same score morning paper " supplement " literary " .

The July 7 Incident of 1937, leave home celibate to rear. Ren Guomin participated in government and political affairs 1938 the member that can participate in government and political affairs, compile a house to chair interpreter committee to hold the position of schoolbook to edit committee members of standing committee to Chongqing, the end of the year begins an edition " central daily " supplement " smooth bright " . After of victory of war of resistance against aggression answers north to make the same score a Shi Daying phylum to teach. Arrived 1949 Taiwan, hold the post of institute of Taiwan normal school (after changes a Normal University) English is a professor, after holds department head concurrently, again after holds literary dean concurrently again. Language institute teachs full-time Shi Daying since 1961. Emeritus 1966. Died of illness on November 3, 1987 at Taipei.
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