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Cao Ming Lunsheng makes the same score the introduction
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Cao Minglun, unripe 1953, sichuan from tribute person, doctor of Beijing University literature, the outstanding expert that is academician of writer of professor of college of Sichuan university foreign language, China, China to translate association director, Sichuan to save interpreter literature to learn province of vice-chairman, Sichuan to have outstanding contribution now, the State Council is special and subsidiary expert.

The education that pursues English major for a long time and scientific research work, ever taught to learn Si Pulin of courtyard, United States at be being taught from tribute teachers training school, Sichuan A uncle institute (guest) reach Heibei university, the undergraduate course course such as civilization of China of ” of interpreter of English-Chinese of ” of ” of con of tuitional “ English, “ English extensive reading, “ , “ and culture ” , and the basic science that interpreter of condition of the discourse in “ interpreter, words and language region ” , “ studies manages the graduate student such as road ” course. Basically study direction is: Interpreter of flower beauty literature, literature, interpreter learns to reach compare culture to consider. Already translated publish work of flower beauty classical literature more than 30 (book) , plan 800 more than word, among them " collect of Alan · slope " , " Fuluositeji " , " Willa · Kaiseji " , " Shakespeare sestet complete works " , " collection of the gossip that earth up a root " with " Sigete anthology. Its are classical interpret is written in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Yi Youying rings, taiwan published him 4 kinds (6) interpret is written, enroll its interpret poem country material of Chinese culture and education, hong Kong " civil report " call Cao Yi “ " Fuluositeji " publish it is worth while that literary history is translated to go up in China write on brushstroke ” . He is in " foreign literature studies " , " foreign literature " , " master is admired " , " China is translated " , " Shanghai is translated " and " literature translates a newspaper " etc the article is published on the press nearly 100, among them many articles are reprinted extensively to cite. Professor Cao Minglun is engaged in an interpreter technically learning in recent years with compare culture to consider, be in continuously " China is translated " and " Shanghai is translated " etc the paper is published on core journal, scale the interpreter decides bitmap theoretically, differentiate and analyse the name that Translation Studies is in China and fact, put forward “ text purpose to be the viewpoint of the primary purpose ” of translator, pointed out interpreter theory and the means that carry out union and way, gave out “ interpreter to learn to should make clear course concept, delimit course limits, hold the appeal of course characteristic ” , advocate “ n duality of the the most adjacent, most natural ” translates a standard simply, win the academia reputably.
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