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Ying Recheng of home of artist of Chinese notable performance, interpreter
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He is to perform artist  or an interpreter home not only, he introduces the west China dramatically, transmit China dramatically abroad

27 days of before dawn 1 when 35 minutes, because Ying Recheng of home of artist of our country notable performance, interpreter suffers from the breath that liver disease brings about and circulatory system exhaustion, be in assist with hospital demit world, die at the age of is 74 years old.

The Ying Recheng that ever held the post of culture ministry undersecretary was graduated from Tsinghua 1950 foreign language is everybody, theater of Beijing people skill is taken an examination of after. The person of familiar Ying Recheng remembers, he tells the English that gets a fluent, tunnel not only, long-term still and active go up in modern drama arena, come a few years he ever shaped the character image with a lot of bright, fascinating individual character: Picture " dragon needs channel " the shopkeeper of 3 yuan of cafes in, " camel auspicious child " the Liu Si of car factory owner in, " cafes " medium Laoliu is pitted with Xiaoliu pitted etc. He of ” of one's previous experience of English “ regular professional training more Shakespeare " treat sb with the way he has devised against others " , of Miller " of bagman dead " wait for much department theatrical work to make famous book be translated into Chinese, the outstanding theatrical work that attends Chinese drama arena is made " cafes " , " Wang Zhaojun " , " " …… of Cheng Yingwen waiting for interpret a lot of coterie person calling Ying Recheng is a “ strange small surprise art ” .

27 days morning, when the nephew Ying Ning that contacts Mr Ying Recheng when the reporter, he already from assist hurrieded back with the hospital in the home, when “ gets an information, have really some abrupt, although lord child had been ill in the bed near 10 years, meantime hospital ever also had signed up for for many times sick into death, but he was held out, did not think of to be become this really part forever ……” word says so far, ying Ning's sound listens go up to some choke with sobs and make a noise dumb, he tells a reporter: “ lord child vitality all the time very tenacious, the paramedic of the hospital once praised he created miracle of a few life. Although go some are hastily, but lord child a few children that miss all the time from only then come to be accompanied all the time eventually beside him, this also should let lord child feel very comfort. ”

Pursue simple life all one's life flower often be in during be dying and end leaves a few words to the spectator that loves him, ying Ning tells a reporter, it is early during recuperate of be in hospital, flower ever often was opposite for many times oneself back thing makes arrangement, he is more than the ground expresses to his family member, do not conduct activities of any mourn over a person's death for oneself in the future, everything conforms to the principle of simplicity. We can respect “ lord child last wish, so at present and end has the plan that holds activity of mourn over a person's death, plan only the new personality in the home gathers, accompanying lord child like audition Mozart most before one's death " requiem " , serve one Cheng again for him. ” (reporter Zun Ying)
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