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Lin Yutang brief introduction
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Lin Yutang (1895. 10. 3-1976. 3. Person of brook of 26) Fujian dragon. Original name and happy, jade hall changes after, change language hall again. Entered college of Shanghai testament writing 1912, in Tsinghua the university teachs after graduation. Qiu Fumei breathed out Buddha university literature to fasten 1919. Obtained degree of Master of Arts 1922. Of the same age turns go to Germany to compare stannic university into Lai, specialize in linguistics. After obtaining a doctor's degree 1923, go back to the motherland, holding the post of dean of Normal University of woman of Beijing University professor, Beijing and English is a director. It is after 1924 " language silk " one of main contributors. Held the post of literary dean to Xiamen university 1926. Held the post of secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1927. 1932 chief editor " the analects of confucius " semimonthly. Established 1934 " terrestrial world " , established 1935 " cosmic wind " , advocate “ to be a center with ego, with leisurely and comfortable the essay of ” of the wither that it is case. After 1935, write with English in the United States " my countries and I civilian " , " capital smoke cloud " , " a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound " wait for culture composing and novel. Ever went back to the motherland to discourse on an academic subject to Chongqing for a time 1944. Went to Singapore to prepare to construct 1945 southern Asia university, assume the president. Established in the United States and person 1952 " day wind " magazine. Resident 1966 Taiwan. Sufferred 1967 hire study a professor for university of Hong Kong Chinese. Was met for international pen by choose 1975 vice-chairman. Died in Hong Kong 1976.

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