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Dong Fang Zhenglong witness a milestone in professional development time transl
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October 21, 2010, the sixth joint meeting of the National Translation Department head was held in Chengdu. Translation of the meeting of the National Joint Council and the departments responsible Sichuan University hosted more than sixty colleges and universities from across the translation departments were present at the meeting. Beijing Dong Fang Zhenglong digital technology Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd. as the exclusive supplier of the meeting were invited to participate in this meeting. President of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Ministry of Education Collaborative Translation Teaching Zhong Weihe, head of Department of Higher Education commissioned by the read out when the world is sent to the meeting site of the Ministry of Education documents, notices the Department of Higher Education and Science School Teaching Translation Collaborative Group was established. The good news of the release so that the sixth joint meeting of the National Translation Department held responsible translation of professional colleges to this day a milestone in the development process time. Conference on the turn Construction of professional content translation, translation of professional syllabus construction, grading and translation capacity capacity-building of interpreters and translators, translation and construction of the Faculty of the many issues currently facing the depth to arrange foreign Xi'an Mandarin University, Zhejiang Normal University and Beijing International Studies University to do teaching about the three schools to speak on behalf of the East Fangzheng Long deputy general manager of the company Huang Jianbang teaching equipment manufacturer, introduced a professional line with the translation The establishment and future development, the company's R & D situation related equipment. Tense meeting warm, through the day's meeting, the participants generally reflect on the future of teaching in the translation of educational ideas more clearly, and the meeting of the translation teaching syllabus, teaching materials, translation practice base construction Design, teacher training, and many other aspects of the in-depth discussion on translation teaching has reached a series of consensus guidance. The final agenda for the meeting participants visited the Sichuan University of NewClass simultaneous laboratory, the 2010 National Competition English simultaneous interpretation NBA Finals, the delegates interesting Interest to try the same transfer function modules of teaching and experience the advanced visual interpretation of the charm.