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Full-resolution high-level interpretation listening skills
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First, the Hearing Review Written part of the Shanghai Higher interpretation of hearing tests include the following few, were: The first, entitled Spot Dictation (Dictation fill in the blank), listen and fill in the blank, a total of twenty spaces, each cell need to fill 2 to 4 words. Relative to the familiar home-school listening comprehension test in the Compound Dictation (composite fill in the blank), the candidate senior interpreter at the hearing test in the written part of the article will read once, so the relatively high degree of difficulty. The second, entitled Listening Comprehension (listening comprehension), and its **** prescribe a small problem, the first small entitled Statements, the candidates agree that exchange capacity of the test, that is about listening to a sentence of 20 words in 12 seconds 4 options to find the most similar meaning. Another small entitled Talks & Conversation (selection), that after listening to the paragraph or dialogue choice questions 4, 5 articles of 20 questions. The third, entitled Note-Taking and Gap-Filling, which will give Detailed later. The last one, entitled Listening Translation (Translation Listen), which contains five Sentence Translation (translation of the sentence hearing) and 2 Passage Translation (translation of the paragraph to listen to), some time after listening to the candidates to answer. Translation of the sentence hearing in which the time interval of 50 seconds, paragraphs listening interval 150 to translation of 200 seconds. 1. Spot Dictation (30%) 1.1 Grading 1) spelling errors, but not understand, such as: intrest. No penalty 2) a space to write every word of the half, to 1 point. 1.2 Notes Two Spot Dictation do expect to give up: I can understand the meaning of this article, I can write the whole most of the words. Certainly can not understand in fact, the article exam means, it is not necessary, only the grid in a given phrase can write, and write the whole word should be the answer after listening to the answer sheet when copying the way completed, that time should be short-term memory has not completely subsided, writing habits with their own familiar, with a "test only 60% of the" psychological implications, clearance is completely realistic. Missed in mind to do well the preparation of leakage, usually the best students is also very difficult to do this part more than 80%, and some topics, such as four or five seconds in a row to hear some very interesting research recently ... different jobs or professional careers, loss of points is normal and acceptable, and perhaps the following will be simple to check as some in politics, and the scores are equal. 1.3 examination skills Before listening: Pre-Reading (20 seconds) Seize the topic (high frequency words first paragraph) Mark (between the two spaces is less than 8 words) When listening to: good and easy words, flash solutions for every space, the use of abbreviations and decisively to give up, tail first, then title Hearing: check (grammar, copying) Note: Do not use the time you copy them, we must use this time to see the back of the title