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Why is local translation companies not develop
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The key factor is the price to drop. Continue to accept low-cost requirements of customers, and constantly employ low-cost translation, continually receiving a rush, or even three hours ten thousand words to undertake the task was surely down. Translation industry should be the main operator of the subject company, or to interpreters and brokers as the main? This problem plagued China's domestic market will be a number of related party. However, the development of the foreign translation industry, could provide reference. Translation of foreign companies have well-established management system, the interpreter asked management to improve the quality of the application to the industry level. Nearly three decades, the domestic industry will each rise to the development from, to mature and then decline rapidly, after all, is the main reason for the decline of the fierce price war. Large enterprises generally think the Chinese market, but the actual spending power is limited, many of the areas of product only in a few big cities or small cities to find a few big companies narrow the market. Understandable bias has led to a flood of market competitors, the market is large enough that the main competition for customers continue to use price, market and enterprise customers seeking lower cost competitors seek to improve the turnover of the cycle of vicious circle. "The key factor is to drop prices. Continue to accept the requirements of our customers low-cost, low-cost translation of continuous employment, continue to receive a rush, or even three hours per million words deserved to undertake the task down." Decoding Translation Partner Xu Jin China said. Translators Association of China, one official told reporters: "The market does not lack people who can translate a large number of low-cost translator flooded the market. Some words on words, word for word translation, read the sentence written unreasonable; customer quality sense of a problem, do not realize that the language of some foreign languages very different system characteristics and the Chinese - they do not understand the language because some people think that the translation is good, the results of international business can not find the real cause of disruption. " There is a risk financing $ 25,000,000 of the large translation companies is worrying, according to industry source said: "The company burn rate of catch up Internet companies in 2000. The two national conferences of the sponsorship will have 60 million of the total Giant. " 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, a staff member confided: "manuscript does not work, I had to translate their own. They are just an interpreter most of the graduates." Decoding translation company from an internal competition in the industry report, new customers are often based on corporate reputation and the translation supplier price options, very few service providers according to translations of translated materials, quality assessment test to make a choice. Reputation and price factors to provide translation services to meet the service quality is very poor, mainly due to the high visibility of the source of advertising and PR costs. The huge cost pressure, the low quality of translation acts as a prime earnings results. According to the report of the Translators Association of China, in 2008 the scale of China's translation market has reached 300 billion and an annual growth rate of 30%. This market can be considered a medium-sized market. With the cake, no norms and constraints, market turmoil, the status quo are not the majority of practitioners, translation companies and industry associations to recognize and take action, and ultimately will make the translation market aborted. Associated with international business interests will be weakened due to quality problems.